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Ginelle Bess

Founder & CEO

If you see me smiling it’s no longer a facade!
Honey I’m Home Nutritious Foods started in my Aunts kitchen August of 2018. Meal prepping was something I began to do when I started working two jobs to make ends meet & save myself some time and money. I had no idea it would grow into what it is today, but I knew it was something I took a great liking to and became committed to over the years.
I was born here in St. Louis, Mo and decided to move back to St. Louis to “start over”. I wanted to get away from everything I knew to focus on me & my wellbeing in hopes to find my calling. At the time that I moved back I was in a really fragile phase of my life. I was in my mid-twenties, recently graduated Basic Combat Training & Advanced Individual Training to serve part time in the Army National Guard, a college dropout watching everyone around me graduate and begin their careers. Everyone seemed so happy, meanwhile I was being held prisoner to my own mind, my own self-doubt, feeling defeated, lost and behind all my peers. Mentally and Spiritually struggling every single day.
Comparison is such a thief! It stole my joy, peace of mind and years I can never get back. I can remember being told all throughout my adolescent years & even through my military career, “You’re a natural born leader, you’re going to be somebody someday!” What stuck with me the most over the years is my Dad continuously telling me “You have favor over your life” and God continuously revealing that favor. It was like everyone knew God had a plan for me, but me.
I am not the one to typically confide in friends or even those closest to me. Putting a smile on for others and holding everything in was easier for me. I secretly began seeing a therapist a few years back. One particular session she asked me “What is it that makes you happiest?” My eyes began to water & tears began to flow as we sat in silence. With my head hanging low a minute later I answered “I don’t know. I’m not happy.” She whispered to me “It’s going to be OK. Cry if you need to.” She closed her notepad and walked over to her closet and returned with a pillow. She kneeled down to my level with tears in her eyes and gently said “We all struggle Ginelle, but I can promise you better days are coming. This is my prayer pillow. On my toughest days I kneel & I cry out to the Lord because I know he hears me, even if I have no words. Take as long as you need.”
I grew up in the church, I was what the church folk call a “pew baby”. However, I had no relationship with God. Our relationship began that day. It was like all God wanted was for me to cry out to him, ask for help and guidance & for me to put my complete trust and confidence in him. So, when I’m asked ” How did you get here” my answer is my faith! I was lead here. Once I stopped doubting myself, comparing my journey to others, and drowning in self-pity everything began to fall into place. I was able to let go of my part time job and just work my fulltime position while dedicating more time to Honey I’m Home.
Eventually a handful of clients turned into 8, 8 turned into 15+ and I began making more income over the weekend than what I made working 40 Hour weeks for Corporate America. Yet I was still afraid of failure and didn’t want to make the transition into entrepreneurship. A guaranteed annual salary & Health benefits just seemed too good to give up at the time. I went back and forth with myself for months about it. And then a Global pandemic hit, COVID-19. I began working from home three days a week and using any spare time to research, market and invest in “my side gig”. Everyone was losing their jobs, getting laid off and my numbers began to decline. I almost gave up on myself again, But God.
He sent me a sign; I overheard my boss describing what was going on with the BLM movement in a pejorative manner. What should have made me belligerent left me calm, without words. In that very moment I knew my time with Corporate America was up, it was time to move on and begin walking into my purpose. I haven’t looked back yet!
I’ve sold thousands of meals, inching towards 100 clients to date and I know exactly what makes me happy; Filling plates across the Greater St. Louis area with delicious foods the entire family will love! Hearing & reading people express their gratitude for what all my company has to offer and ending a long hard-working day with a peace of mind knowing I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in my journey, doing what I love while helping others.
My biggest piece of advice to anyone in their twenties wanting to “start over” or struggling with their career path would be don’t give up on you! Everyone struggles but better days are coming. Cry if you need to, God is always listening, even if you don’t have words.

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Most frequent questions and answers

 Microwave the meals for 60-90 seconds from the fridge. If you have feedback, please contact us at feedback@hihnf.com

Our standard meals come balanced with 3 to 5 ounces of protein and 3 ounces of vegetables.   We consult with nutritionists to ensure the meals are balanced and can fit a variety of diets including Keto and vegetarian. Contact us at sales@hihnf.com for more information.

We provide no contact delivery to do our part to ensure the health and safety of our community. Please let us know the safe location to place your food and we will communicate to you when it’s delivered. If you want to check the status of your delivery contact us at 314-882-0819 or delivery@hihnf.com

We adhere to the following practices, Good Manufacturing Practices outlined by the FDA code, which are required sanitary standards to produce safe and wholesome meals. We are also ServSafe certified and track safety across food handling, preparation, packaging and delivery. Our team members adhere to rules and policies regarding sanitizing to ensure safe food for you to enjoy. For other questions please contact safety@hihnf.com

To ensure food safety we disinfect surfaces daily, and during COVID-19 restrictions we have extended our practices to ensure our workers wear a mask, do a temperature check in daily, along with other potential COVID-19 symptoms to determine risk.  Elevated risk does not work that day.  Anyone exposed to COVID-19 quarantines until a demonstrated negative test. For other questions please contact safety@hihnf.com 

We operate in a USDA approved facility and adhering to very strict rules and regulations- because we know how much food safety matters. Our facility is located in Saint Louis, MO.  For more information contact us at info@hihnf.com

Please contact us via email info@hihnf.com  or phone (314-882-0819) if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss further.

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